Recovery Hike

Rest is an important part of every post-race ritual. I apparently haven’t learned that yet.

I woke up, bounded out of bed and headed with friends to Mount Tauhara in Taupo.

The trail is on private land so our only guide was a construction sign letting us know to follow the white poles.

So that’s exactly what we did.

And my legs cried a little before we even made it to the bush. This hike was STEEP.

Oh did I mention I brought along 3 Germans?

They put up with my random breaks

And were troopers the whole way

Halfway up I tried to convince them that it was too cold, we hadn’t brought lunch, were they sure they wanted to hike in tights (Germans have interesting hiking gear)?

They didn’t give up. And I love them for it.

Even a little claustrophobia didn’t set them back

When we finally peeked up out of the trees I was so glad we had pushed on

It was freezing, windy, and felt like Antarctica but the view was surreal (Yes that is a real plane)

I did my standard “top of a mountain” pose

And my crew lounged around

20km yesterday…today a summit

Pray for rain tomorrow. If only to let my body rest 🙂

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