Coromandel aka Heaven

Once you’ve had an epic weekend it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s even harder to capture it all into the white space of a blog post. The Internet is really rather limited. You can’t throw paint cans of colors on the screen to capture the turquoise of the sea or squeeze the smell of salt water into the hard drive. Isn’t there some way I could at least blow some sea spray in your face as you read this??? Maybe in 2212….

The weekend began with a bang. We woke up with the sun (and on a side note I have finally moved into my official home!) and set off for Cormandel.

The weather was bloody terrible. Truly it was. It rained almost our entire drive and our spirits were wavering. Then, if only to humor us, the kiwi sun decided to make a rare appearance and as we rounded a curve we ran smack into this…

And then another curve brought us this…

And then this…

And this…

You get the idea.

In fact, I think the excitement of it all was a little too much for Ruby. After one too many curves, her side mirror flopped off. Did I mention in my post that it was duck taped on? Minor detail. We made a pit stop at a hardware store and continued on….

3 thoughts on “Coromandel aka Heaven

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