A Dusty Summer

I didn’t write at all this summer, partly because in the moment I didn’t consider anything I was doing to be interesting and partly because every free second I had I slept. True Story.

Looking back though, every part of my day was interesting. I worked my butt off day and night. I made true connections with the teachers I was working with and I made friendships that will last a lifetime…and for that I am grateful (If you’d like to steal that quote and put it in a Hallmark card please ask for permission first) But I still could’ve slept more.

A picture is worth 1,000 words so in the spirit of being lazy I will show you rather than tell you all about my six weeks in Phoenix.

These good looking people…

helped coach these future teachers…

while looking stylish,

and only occasionally stress eating.

Our one free afternoon was spent at the dunk tank,

but our nights were filled with deliriously funny impersonations and competitive karaoke sessions.

I had a taste of “home” when Vegas came to visit me…

and then got so homesick afterwards that I went to see Vegas.

We worked hard.

Napped hard.

And played harder …every second we found the time

Peace Phoenix!

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