Why I run…

I don’t run for medals. I don’t run for racing shirts or fancy gear. I don’t run for PRs. I don’t run for weight loss. I don’t run for popularity or recognition.  I don’t even run for fitness. I’ll tell you why I do run though…

I run because there is no sweeter taste than that of fresh air

I run because nature paints colors that beat out any 3D movie or HDR photo

I run because when the breeze hits my face I feel peaceful and free

I run to be the only moving thing in a landscape of stillness

I run because it makes the smallest moments last an eternity

I run to sightsee

I run because there is nothing that calms me more than miles of open country roads

I run for that moment when the sun comes up and all of the world awakens

I run for the view at the top of the mountain

And the view looking up from a grassy mattress

I run because my favorite smell is forest

And there is something magical about being around water

I run because I can see the sunrise and set a million different ways

I run because I love the city before everyone wakes up

I run to explore

And I believe, despite what people may say, the trail never ends…

213 thoughts on “Why I run…

  1. “I don’t run for medals. I don’t run for racing shirts or fancy gear. I don’t run for PRs. I don’t run for weight loss. I don’t run for popularity or recognition. I don’t even run for fitness. ”
    I like ur opening

  2. Mona, you have inspired me to get off the lounge a little more often! I used to jog fairly regularly but that has fallen by the wayside. You are so right, the early morning sunrise (or sunset) and the crisp early mornings, the silence and tranquility are all gorgeous. And an incentive to get out of bed before the rest of the world wakes up. I love the piccies – thank you!

    • Get our there and go for it! Some mornings I head out on a run and find my body calling out for a walk or a lounging around on the porch. It really is about the moments not necessarily the activity!

  3. wooww!! your pictures are awesome!! im not much of a runner myself, but with amazing landscape like the one in your pictures, i would definately start running!! great post!! 😀

  4. I putzed over here from Freshly Pressed, congratulations! And what a lovely, thoughtful post…I’m getting the itch for a run tonight! I live in the city, but within 15 minutes, am pounding paths out in the Dutch countryside.

  5. “I run to be the only moving thing in a landscape of stillness”

    That was my favorite line. Thank you for this read and helping me to start my day off right with your beautiful pictures.

  6. Thank you so much! I’ve always enjoyed running too but never knew why though…
    I can tick every line you wrote.
    When I get a chance, which is rarer and rarer, I love to run for all those feelings and emotions that go through me, my mind does find peace too. You’ve written it so beautifully, it makes sense now. That’s why I run: it’s liberating.

  7. I love it! I’ve thought of bringing a camera along on my runs some time to capture the beauty around me…especially before we move and scenery drastically changes. I definitely will now. 🙂 Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I have a few running posts on sarahsjoys.wordpress.com. There is a category for “running” on the side. Just decided to do a half marathon this summer. It will be my first! Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring post!

  8. Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to remember what used to motivate me to run. And it was just “for the feeling of it.” Congrats on the freshly pressed, and thanks for the additional reminder about why to run. “to be the only object moving in stillness.”

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  10. This was so inspiring! I feel the same way when I run around the trails by my neighborhood. I do it for me, not to be competitive, not to impress anyone, but for the quality of life that surrounds me,and for my own wellness and enlightenment.

  11. Beautiful work. Really captures the spirit of the runner. There’s more to us runners than mindlessly seeking better times or awards. There’s a release in running, a spiritual connection that you conveyed very well here.

  12. I love running too – for all the reasons up there – I’m not a racer either. Love the pictures. Bigfoot being out there would definately inspire me to run a little faster though!

  13. When I started running, the focus was on doing races and my purpose for running became more about competition. But very recently I realized that running can just be for me (on my own terms)…so you can imagine how much your post resonated with me! It gives me so much to look forward to as I increase my endurance and speed. I just wish I had some of the inspiring scenery you get to look at while you run!

    • I’m right there with you! One day I was about to beat a pr time and saw the most beautiful sunrise. I stopped right there and sat on the sidewalk to take it in. Thus ruining any chances of that pr 🙂

      • That’s awesome! I love how you didn’t let that moment pass you by. I really admire people who pause to take in the moment…I find that it’s a challenge for me to do that and I’m constantly having to be mindful of what’s going on around me and tell myself that it’s okay to just pause. Being around nature forces me to do that!

  14. a post that makes me sit back and ponder why I run as well….it started as weight loss. then it was to prove that I could do it….and it became something that just felt as if it was a part of me. Now, my children are running with me….what an amazing feeling! Thanks for putting the ”why” in the lime light 🙂 My goal when we started our ’round the USA 2 year vaca was to run a 5K in every state….that hasn’t happened…but I’ve seem some beautiful things along the paths and I look forward to more of them!


  15. Reblogged this on Striding Through and commented:
    I ran across this when logging on to my own site. As someone who does run for the competitive experience of it all, I was struck by this post, because even while “training” there is much to experience from running, if you sometimes give it a chance to sink in. Great photos, too.

  16. Thanks for sharing! Love the imagery you were able to put with each reason. I love to run…to be outdoors. I agree, running isn’t for the race, the PR, the shirt or recognition. Running is something I do for me.

  17. Great post! I’m going to link to it – just finished my 1st mini this past weekend and this might inspire me to get back outside after a couple of days of rest:) great photos too!

  18. The Bigfoot photos has to be my favorite, though I enjoyed all of them. Great perspective. Thank you for writing!
    Check me out at theusualbliss.com if you have time. Thanks!

  19. This is super inspiring. I’ve tried to start running, but haven’t quite “found the time” for it. And now I’ve found someone that runs because it’s pleasurable. These are some great reasons! Thank you! 🙂

    • I just like it. The nature which i love but often i missed. God creates great nature, and it’s more than enough for me. Thanks.
      Let’s Keep Running!

  20. Not for medals, race shirts, weight loss, or anything else…just for the joy of running. You hit the nail on the head. It feels good!

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  22. Your reasons are why I keep running! I run early in the mornings, before life starts stirring, and i love that quiet stillness while watching the light change as the sun rises. The best images I have are the amazing sunrise skies I witness on those morning runs. Keep running!

  23. I wish I noticed all those things when I tried to run and maybe I’d do it more often. All I notice is how much my body hurts, my fat jiggles, and how much time is left until I reach 30 min and the torture is over! Keep it up! I’m jealous!

  24. Your right, and its amazing if your living in those country side where the nature around you is very pretty to just live in it any time. But it sucks badly when your inside these stupid concrete hell where you just get tired off the sights around and just do the running as one more day of work out because most of the time youll just looking at the ground and running. Life is surely a hell in cities 😦

  25. Great! Most Freshly Pressed that I ‘like’ I do so just to shamelessly direct traffic to my own blog 🙂 This one I actually do like because your reasons for running are so similar to mine.

  26. When asked to list my favorite things running is always at the top of the list. Sometimes it is work and sometimes it hurts but when it is sweet, there is nothing sweeter! Absolutely nothing. When the stars align and the body delivers and you feel after three hours of running that you could run the rest of your life then that is my heaven!

  27. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Out of all the posts I’ve ever seen, this one’s my favorite!! 🙂
    Keep running!!!! 🙂

  28. Wonderful–and the text punctuated by images (or images punctuated by text) even suggests the kind of intermittent thought you experience when running. The mind sort of jumps between internal monologue and just watching the world.

  29. woah, you make me want to run for a reason, not just because i have to…congratz on being freshley pressed. can you and some others check out my site its just getting started?

  30. Great post – pics & prose. I am runner, myself. Although I do run to stay healthy (fit, healthy weight), I also run for the freedom of it, particularly to explore and to reflect. I love running on trails and hard-packed snow, but not asphalt so much. I also love the fragrant smell of the forest after a good spring (or summer) rain and running under the light of moon & stars on a cold winter’s night.

  31. I have similar thoughts when I longboard at night or in the morning.. I do it to feel the fresh air hit me as I coast. I think about myself, and where I want to be later on down the road. It is important to have these moments to spend with yourself, just simply thinking.

    Great Post

  32. love it. i run because i can get outside and move my body while taking in the most amazing views. fantastic writing–great sharing. as i read it i remembered similar sentiments i shared…running to slow down….congratulations of FP

  33. Wow. Your pictures really pack a punch! Between your pictures and description of why you run it was all I could do to not grab my sneakers and head out the door (Couldn’t leave my two year old alone ; )

  34. Your reasons for running aren’t nearly as compelling as mine (they usually involve being chased).
    My Reasons for Running
    1) being chased by a bear or other large carnivore
    2) being chased by a pack of wolves
    3) being chased by a hive’s worth of bees
    4) I’m extremely late for something I can’t afford to be late for
    5) I’ve waited too long to go to the restroom and really, really can’t wait any longer
    6) being chased by zombies (hey, it could happen)

    That’s pretty much my list of reasons why I would run.

    Now walking, or jogging, that’s much more my speed. I love being able to take in the beauty all around me. But, I don’t do it nearly as often as I should and/or like.

  35. Hi Mona, I’m from Brazil and I don’t know how to speak english very well and I’m writing with the google tradutor helps. When I saw your blog’s title, I couldn’t stop reading the text about running. I am carrier kartagener syndrome and it causes a lung function problem, that block my breath. I LOVE running, although I can’t running more than 3 minutes without stop. And I felt the words that you wrote into my heart. Congratulations, you are a good writer!

  36. wow this is a good philosophy in life. doing what you’re doing for its own sake and not for some other motive. in larger perspective living for the sake of living..

  37. Mona,
    Wow, beautiful pictures and I love how you help remind me of the pure joy of just running in nature and open space! This is especially enjoyable and important when there is so much focus on the reasons why you do not run in our world today. Keeping my body in balance so I can stay out there running, riding and enjoying life!

  38. Great post – just cancelled my gym membership to get more quality, outdoor running time. The sights, sounds and smells (gah!) just aren’t the same on the treadmill!

  39. You are inspiring. I am going to copy your poem and print it for myself. Thank you for sharing – I thoroughly appreciate your post:o)

  40. I am almost motivated to run after seeing all of the breath-taking views. However, I live in a city and I find it much more motivating to run inside where it is air-conditioned and I use a machine called the Arc-Trainer, which is low-impact on my knees 🙂

  41. yeah i agree, i’m running for my mental centering and tasting the nature.
    i can’t await the after next weekend: 4 days of free-running, up and down, woods, mountains, lakes, rivers and no plan, no goals, no time-control … just free-running 🙂

  42. It is defenitely the fresh air you breathe, the fresh air every living creation breaths to refresh! Very nice post and worth the “Freshly Pressed” page!

    Enjoy the run the next morning!

  43. Inspiring post! You made me look at my next run with a little more appreciation. My favorite run? Running in a cool summer rain. The air is amazingly fresh and something I just can’t replicate in the city.

  44. Thanks for your perspective! I can’t tell you how many people ask me why the hell do I run. Um…have you tried it and appreciated what you’ll see?!

  45. Awesome blog, had to post it on mine. I love runnning outside too, now I’m inspired to get some good pictures! While I do run in 5k’s and such, I do like to run for causes as well as being outside! The free stuff that comes with it, well, that’s what they are, freebies! 🙂

  46. I run for the exact some reasons 🙂

    I also pretend that there are zombies chasing after me.. like the scene in 28 Weeks Later when the guy is sprinting for his life through the field. Yes. Definitely. And also here’s a suggestion.. not sure if you’d be into it but you should listen to some dubstep. I run faster for a longer period of time. It’s pretty awesome.

    And I’m usually an indie music kinda gal. Never thought I’d love it 😉

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