Spokane, Washington. Photogging.

Went on a few photogging runs in between partying it up for my LP’s wedding.

Getting away to run is my saving grace. It makes me feel free and seems to be the only thing to calm my mind. I am at peace when my legs are moving and my lungs are on fire. The world slows down around me and nature’s orchestra of wind, stillness, and calm surround me. This is the place where I don’t have to talk to anyone. I don’t have to explain myself or try to make anyone understand. It just is. And because of that I am so grateful.

NOW…Come along on my adventure!

I dipped my feet into the Spokane River…

Spotted Mona’s twin…

Indulged my historical side…

Decided Christmas lights are festive year round…

Stood on top of Spokane…

Spotted the only chunk of color in the city…

Froze my butt in the river wind

Felt peace, happiness, and warmth despite all the dreariness.

I think this city is perfect for photogging 🙂

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