Some people feel the rain…Others just get wet. -Bob Marley

The funny thing about rain is that it can ruin your afternoon, make you giddy with excitement….or do both.

It can make your hair frizzy, mascara run, and yet give you an excuse to run through life’s sprinkler.

It can create huge puddles that are impossible to walk through, make you curse when you see them, but are all the more fun to jump in.

It can break your umbrella, flood your patio…but give you a rainbow when it’s all done.

I’ve had a pretty rainy couple of days. The wonderful thing about life is it lets me choose if I want to get soaked and cry about it or rejoice instead.

I’m thinking the best decision I could make would be to throw on rain boots, run outside, lean my head back and spin in circles.

Much better.

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