Stress RX

I spent the majority of my day off cooped up working on a summer job application…(I’m not telling yet!!) I had great company but by the time I finally collapsed in my doorway I could feel my stress levels rising. Which brings me to the point of my post. I am a firm believer that everyone should have a prescription for their stress – a list of go-to activities/treats/blissful moments that can take you back to calm after a day of chaos. I’m going to share my perscription in the hopes that you will run off and make your own after reading this….You know you want to 🙂

The following can be done in any combination….

Grab a hot cup of tea with cream and throw on some obnoxiously cozy socks

Bake something…And more importantly sit and watch until it’s finished….

Light a candle, preferably a cupcake candle.


Sip some magnesium. Bliss.

Snuggle with someone (Humans, pets, and stuffed animals are all acceptable)

Find a scent that brings you peace. I love ylang ylang….

Watch mindless t.v. (I chose this option tonight and had a realization. I’m getting old. I picked Alcatraz over Bachelorette.)

Buy a pint of ice cream, drive home, grab a spoon, melt. (This option will never work with the sugar free or low fat variety of ice cream. Don’t even try it.)

Listen to John Butler’s Ocean. (This song gives me chills every time. It makes my heart happy in an inexplainable way….Better yet, find YOUR song. Have it programmed into your phone, computer, brain. Music is powerful)

Ok, GO….Find YOUR bliss!


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